KGYV Kapton Ltd. has been operating since 2009 as the successor of KGYVÉ Limited partnership, founded in 1992.

Its main activity: 

construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of refractory linings, industrial furnaces and its related steel structures

We introduced the ISO quality assurance system in January 2000 to improve the quality of our services for maintenance and refurbishment of our steel construction products and refractory linings.

To accomplish our tasks we have well-trained technical, economic and specialist staff. Engineers, economists, technicians, refractory masons, locksmiths, welders make up our staff, consisting of 21 own people, 8 further employees permanently employed. We can increase this number of professionals by another 30-40 people if needed.

We have special equipment, transport and material handling machines to fulfill the tasks.

Our tasks are performed at short notice, at favorable prices, in good quality.