Our services

Our services include the following: 

  • maintenance of industrial furnaces

  • design, manufacture and construction of refractory linings, masonry, walling

  • design, manufacture and construction of steel structures


Our major works: 

coke oven; drying furnace; smelter/furnaces and related equipments; converter; coke-iron mixer; chill-mould; pusher furnace; rolling-mill; stepping timberd furnaces; bell furnaces; acid regenarating; power station furnaces; smith and other heating furnaces; brickyard tunnel furnaces; glass melting furnaces; aluminium melting furnaces; furnaces at sugar factory; whitewash furnaces; blacktop mixer equipments; manufacture and walling of coke-iron, scum and other industrial caldrons; reconstruction of cremation furnaces


In Germany we have made repairs of converters and metallurgical caldron, repair of brickyard tunnel furnaces, carriage furnaces and dome furnaces.
In Italy, the construction of smelters can be highlighted.

In the refractory masonry of linings of equipment, besides traditional materials, we use a growing number of dry and plastic materials, as well as tamping and sprayable refractory concrete, as well as refractory and thermal-insulating fibrous ceramic tiles and blocks.